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I thought I would go ahead and show you all today exactly how to use these so I’m going to use my drawbacks and my nails are actually unfinished and so that is on purpose because I want to be able to give you an idea of how to utilize these drill bits christmas nail art designs, the best way so I have my trusty little drill here you do not need a drill as expensive as this I’ve shown you if you haven’t I will try to link up in the cars up ahead, which is a couple of um, not nail jerseys are sorry, these aren’t files, electric files, so sometimes forgive me for those of you who are purists and who are going to say that it’s not ideal, it has an electric fire I know you know what I’m talking about but a lot of people they call them nail drill so you know what I’m talking about don’t be trying it on me don’t get on me, get off your soapbox, go go to to write that way nail artist.Whatever you know, I mean you turn left turn left, okay alright so let’s go ahead and get started, so this is actually like a pointed diamond, they use all of these are usually diamond bits and then you can usually tell the difference between a diamond because it looks a little more shiny almost looks a little gritty OK, now I will tell you that these are inexpensive diamond bits, some of the best diamond bits that I own actually come from Eric’s eighty a and atwood industries because Edward industries, the gentleman who owns that particular company, what if I’m not mistaken was one of the first people that created a diamond drill bits so that you can see what the difference is these are diamond drill bits, these are your carbide drill bits and your carbide drill bits and let me get let me zoom in for you, so that you can kind of see the difference, your carbide drill bits look more mentally okay versus what you see here which are more of your diamond drill bits, okay and some other some different and you know carbide drill bits can come in different grits, they can have different teeth, different or rather flutes that are on them based on what. The grid sizes so I’m just letting you know that there is some difference, these are pretty much what you consider your career by bits versus your diamond bits, now this last one that’s here on the end is called a mantra a mantra bit is a little bit different in that it a is you don’t use this by itself, okay I back you up here so that we can get a little less than one man’s robots are usually used with Sandy and Sandy bands come in different grits, typically you when you get your starter drill kit, you will have a very fine drum as this one actually has more of your promise, a medium drill bits all the way to course, so medium sanding bands usually are right around one fifty grand if you haven’t seen my previous videos I maybe like one up here in the cards for you are down here in the description box to show you that when you are trying to prep your nail OK that was if I was going right up under here and I was trying to prep my actual natural nail, you do not want to use a grit any rougher than about 150 okay, um, if you don’t know the lesson.The number the grit is on a filer Sandy bin or anything that has to do with Sandy that means the coarser the grit and when you’re prepping the national now I personally like to use one eighty grit which is considered a medium grit, but the lowest if say if someone is sold out or go to my local nail supply and they don’t have one eight group, maybe they have one fifty I will do that and I usually use that on a very low speed when I’m pregnant, now I usually do not go, this is a this machine is a sign k 38, it goes up to 30,000 rpm I usually will not prepped the nail at any higher than about five to 6000 rpm on this machine I have another machine here that actually has a lot more torque and I’m able to prep at about 4000 rpm ‘s, but with this man’s robe and mantle bit you you meet one of the sanding bands to go on top and you go ahead and you push.This particular standing ban on here now I’m gonna show you this in advance only because.You’re probably gonna want to do, you’re you’re definitely gonna want to know this in order to go ahead and to remove this okay so typically these are very very difficult to get off, they do have some easy off macro bands but I’m gonna show you a little trick that I use I usually use a pair of cuticle nippers and then I usually find right where the seam of the sanding band is and I usually grab it from there and pull it back to rip it off I don’t really want to mess with the Sandy band because this is a Sandy band that I can use okay, so that’s that these other ones here, this is more of what they call a football a football bet, so I’m gonna show you some of the ways that you can utilize these sanding bands now. I have.Gone ahead and put this a diamond bin here I do not tend to let my drill bit spoke out of my e file very much because I see people on here all the time, even when they have long nails they will have this drill bit sticking out to here okay, they would have it sticking out to there because they’re falling on a long nail you, you really don’t need to do that, even if you have a long nail and let me tell you, why, because the least amount of the body of the bit that you, do not have inside of the e file your actually you can actually mess up the internals of this because the inside does not have a good grip on the full body of this particular bit and it may cause it to whirl in a.More of a circular, Ye Xian all while it’s trying to rotate inside the drill, so don’t don’t do this okay make sure that your your drill bits are securely in your draw, you know securely in your e file, please okay but for this particular a bit that looks more of your.Your um you know your point, your point but it’s not it’s closer to a flame but it’s a lot point in this I would use on a very low rpm I probably would not use this at more than about five to 6000, rpm I do use this as I have used this as a cuticle bit okay, but you have to be very careful of the pointing it because if you’re pushing too much into that Ethnic ill fold that’s right here, you can cause permanent damage to your nail OK, but you can use this as a very low speed that if you had a natural nail to be able to use, utilize this to go around to clean up the what what we consider as a coupon code which is the waxy substance that grows up on a nail plate, if I had my natural nail exposed here OK so that’s what you pretty much want to utilize this particular bit for next we have this football flame bit, okay, um, let me go ahead and turn on my e file so that you can kind of get an idea of how this rotates and what it looks like.Like I personally use this I could use this to actually go around my cuticle, because if I wanted to smooth out you can see her if I wanted to smooth out my cuticle to get that flatter cuticle, cuz I haven’t flattened out I haven’t finished prepping my nails hereafter my acrylic application I can use this to go around my cuticle area to kind of.Flat now and smooth out that occur okay, so if you see here, you can see it like typically they want you know when you’re drilling I want you to drill pulling towards you okay, so I’m trying I didn’t realize I wasn’t in the camera that’s a big help, alright I tend to pull that towards me, but when I am utilizing this I tend to go around the cuticle and that when I’m trying to do some finish filing work okay, so that’s what I utilize this one for now I tend to use this for me on a little bit higher speed because as I said before these are not the best.I’m.Diamond drill bits that I own and usually the least expensive the least a quality that they are for me, I’ve had to turn my drill up a little bit higher in order to really get the grit to do what it needs to do on the nail so I’m just gonna take some alcohol in that right quick and go ahead and wipe off the dust off of my nail.Okay alright, so that is how I’m telling you that I utilize this particular you know little flame, that’s how I use it, other people may have other ways that they utilize it but that’s it, that is exactly how I utilize this particular bit the next one we have, it is still another diamond drill bit but it is a calm bit okay, I’m gonna be honest with you a lot of these, um, they’re gonna be a lot there they’re gonna be better for use on jail more so than acrylic because, um when they’re the more expensive diamond when they’re the least expensive diamond drill bets and acrylic tends to be harder, sometimes these don’t necessarily get nearer to drill as effectively or to bring down the acrylic the way you like to, this is also another bit that you can utilize to help prep the cuticle area because hopefully you can see the top of this is a almost a little bit more flat here on the top I will tell you that you want to go ahead and take some type of file. And season, the top of this because sometimes when these are machine there’s little birds and that’s on the top here that if you bring it around the cuticle, you may you may cut someone so the thing that you definitely want to do with this is that you take a file and see the top of it, okay season, all right and that helps to get off some of the machine birds and that are at the tip of the drill bit okay I utilize this drill bit in that as well I use this as a finish file, I have used utilize this as a finish file bit as well and on a lower speed, yes you can use it for prep because as you can see you’re able to get down around I have this at a low speed right now about 6000 rpm and you can see here, yes you can utilize it to kind of get around down around that cuticle without cutting yourself or anyone else okay but hopefully if you’re most of the time, if you’re watching this you’re probably trying to learn how to use this on yourself okay as you see, I’m able to have this in the forward direction because I am right hand I tend to side to side from.The episode left side of the nail and I pull around okay.So this is what I utilized this before okay best whether what this bit can be utilized for in terms of really smoothing out that cuticle area now again this is another one of those bits that you know very on a very slow mode, you can use it to help with some of your finished file activities as you see pulling towards myself pulling towards myself pulling towards myself to type kind of smooth out especially if this is all you have to begin with okay, so if you are a nail Tech professional you’re like look you’ve got to use a better than that I understand, but we are talking about people here that this is what they have, this is what they’re starting out with so again utilize this for around your cuticle area, we use an alcohol wipe that off okay and let’s talk about the next bit.Now, these are your cylinder bits, okay, this is again this is another drill bit that you do want to season, once you put it in there okay put it in your e file make sure to try to try not to say nail drill to use e file that is the correct terminology and I usually turn this up to about 10,000 rpm season, the end of which means that’s helping to machine it to get those birds and that’s off the edge because you don’t want to cut yourself or anybody else, as you see I’m having this rotated about 10,000 rpm I am not cutting myself at all okay very smooth, this is okay you, you don’t want to have your your your your file on too high of a speed and it’s very important for you to try to use you know maybe.You can use the flat top bit flat top diamonds, if you are a beginner, you can use your car by flat top car break drill bits, but I don’t recommend it because I think you’ll cut yourself okay, the drill bits are a lot easier to use when you are first starting this is another bit that you can use because this is a small barrel bit okay, and this is more they’re probably gonna say that because this is a part of this kit, this is more of a large barrel bit but I’m gonna tell you right now it’s not, this is more so like a medium bit, let me see if I can find a large barrel bit for you.Okay.This is a diamond, but you can see the barrel size is significantly different from this to this okay, this is more of closer to your large size barrel bit, this is more of a medium size bit to me and this is your small small barrel bit but this is a cross cut diamond bit, this is totally something different I buy these from either young nails or atwood industries and that as well, this is these are great for finish filing okay, so I know this is not a part of the kit, but you know since it’s stuck in here I thought I’d tell you what it is so that you know just as you’re looking at this and you’re like what is that what you use that for okay, this is a small bit you season the end I tend to like to use this at about 10,000 rpm for my machine, it’s gonna vary, but again this is another drill bit that I can use for finish filing as you see here pulling pulling towards myself pulling towards myself pulling towards myself, you can use this to help to finish file, you know, because it has that flat top to get down around a cubicle on that, but again you can use this for finish filing pull towards yourself, pull toward yourself, pull towards yourself, okay pulling towards yourself, okay.Now you can do this but I’m gonna tell you right now you want to get in a habit not to do this because if you happen to increase and your advanced level ness of your you know your nail journey, if you’re using this going this way with a carbide bit, it might slip and go around your finger and you may cut yourself okay, you’re gonna cut yourself, so get in get in the habit of trying to do this because I’m trying to zone video to pull the bit towards yourself, okay pull toward yourself, pull toward yourself, pull toward yourself, and that will help you and a lot of your finish filing activities, okay so this is what this a small barrel bit is utilized for this helps you in your finished filing this can also help you if you’ve you know if you knew you’d go get some lucky girl like you’re gonna be lumpy dumpy little get bumpy bumpy okay because you didn’t say you know hey if you are a goddess and you come right, god god you’re coming right out the gate you laying at acrylic and you don’t have no bumps well good for you.Okay, because that wasn’t me, my job looked like mountaintops, okay, this sucker was the the king dream speech of mountains of lumps because he had a dream that he wanted me to have small nails, okay now don’t just take that as a joke people I understand that it was bigger, you know join the races, unity, okay, we’re unity and nails over here, can I get alright alright so as you have learned that this was the larger barrel bit, this can be utilized the same as a small barrel bit as you get into your nail journey, it’s going to be very much based on preference of the size of the barrels that is to use I tend to for longer nails I like to use a large barrel bits because they cover more, you know, no state, then I can just hurry up and finish this for some of the shorter nails that I do like to have the small beds or you have people that have small nails, you have small nails so all of this is about making sure that if especially your right hand right hand start from the left side of the finger in forward your drill would need to be on forward and you can utilize this to be able to go around the cuticle as.Well okay and you’re able to finish following by pulling that drill pulling that drill to yourself pull pull it towards yourself, and this your diamond drill bits can be used for finish filing okay, they definitely can be used for finish filing, they can be used in the place of a buffer especially if you have gotten the nail pretty smooth as you see here, my nails it’s pretty smooth its pretty smooth, but it does still have a little bit of grittiness to it because especially if you are going to use any type of gel polish.Gel polish likes to stick to a surface that has a little more grit to it okay so these bits are utilized there, very good I just basically told you that you can use them for your cuticle prep work for your nap, you can use them for your natural nail prep work your cuticle prep work and you’re finished filing and for smoothing out the cuticle area so hopefully you learn something that will help you if this you know this beginner foulke is what you have now when it comes to the sanding bands I have said this before me, let me.Come on, in so you can see this I have said this before these sanding bands here that look like there are rocks.Try to avoid using bees, okay, all right now if you have to use them do not use these on natural nail tend to use these on a finished surface like an acrylic surface, because these are pretty rough, so if you really, you know really got really lumpy bumpy nails, you can go ahead and utilize these, but I tend not to want to use these because you know these are if you catch us though they all hurt all right OK so hopefully you learn something that you can use these um, if you’ve really got some lumpy bumpy nails to help you smooth out their curling the the Sandy sandbags can be used as a natural nail prep, you learn today about the the agile bits, okay I’m gonna go ahead and show you because I want you to see, but usually I grab it right at the scene there I didn’t want to and I pull it.

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