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When you’re dealing with short bitten nails types of nails manicure, there are not that many options for the design, this time Anna my client asked for French nails I was shocked and was about to say no it’s not possible but then my personality who’s ready for any kind of challenge to cover and keep watching this video to see how it worked out hello guys, anesthesia here today, we’re dealing with short bitten nails and my client Anna if you haven’t watched my previous videos where I did some transformation on her nails I will leave the links in the description box, we’re starting over since it’s been I believe two and a half were almost three months since we did our last extensions, unfortunately and it was really busy at her work, so she couldn’t come to see me, and then I was a little bit busy with my travel so nail art nyc.We’re starting over but on the other hand, as I was pushing back your cuticle ‘s, I have to say that it didn’t really feel like we’re starting from scratch because since we already did some cuticle care and she is using cuticle oil from time to time and pushing back her cuticle’s after shower, her nails and cuticle’s are in a better condition compared to what she had when she first came to me after pushing back the cuticle’s I’m going to work with safe bit, it’s also called on a clean it doesn’t have any abrasive on it so it’s not diamond bead or a carbide beat because it’s simply like a soft steel and I’m going to push back her cuticle’s she has some cuts on her skin as you can see so this bit is just perfect to do this and after that we can also use diamond bead to slightly clean the cubicles and push them up even more.And it works as a chef at a very popular restaurant here in Moscow and she gets different kind of cuts on her fingers pretty often, but this time she had such a deep cut on her thumb, honestly it looked like a scary movie I think I will not show it to you guys because Youtube can block it and honestly it looks terrifying but Anna acted so chill about it and the most thing that she was worried about is that it will somehow affect our product application and that it will bother me as I am doing extensions since the county is located on the opposite side of the finger compared to where the nail bed is we simply used a regular bandaid, so I can securely hold her finger.At this point, Anna asked me anesthesia and my yours, a most challenging client to work with considering the condition of hands and nails and I get to thinking and said no actually I remember I had a client she was my client for like three years, so one day she broke her arm and she came to me obviously and she said well even though my arm is broken I still need beautiful nails and the arm was broken so close to the fingers that oh my god guys, it was an actual challenge doing her nails because she couldn’t move her fingers a lot, so at some point she was standing when I was shaping the nails and honestly it felt a bit scary for me because you know when you are dealing with broken bones that are so close I was literally afraid to hold her fingers, let me know guys if you had some kind of.Challenging clients, I mean not as a person, but in terms of some unusual condition of their hands and nails, meanwhile all the cubicles are pushed up and we are going to clean the cuticle’s now with diamond bit usually with a short bit of nails, you need to really take time to do the prep.Call.Now the cubicles and nail plates are clean at this point, you can also take off the surface shine with one eighty or two for degreed file and I’m going to carefully trim the cubicles for these nails I always use scissors for trimming because I can carefully go around the count and not damage the skin even more for these nail types I recommend trimming the cubicles before product application, otherwise this extra skin will simply not let you to apply the product close to the skin, this is what we have now they look so much better.And we’re proceeding through the prep dehydrate or on all nails bled dry and then I’m using non acid primer by the way I used acid primer before with Anna but then I decided to do a test and tried none acid primer on a few nails and it worked out pretty much the same since her nails and skin is pretty dry, she doesn’t have hyper thyroid roses, so I assumed we can use non acid primer now to do French style nails, I’m going to build the tip of the nail using white acrylic by the way the reason why Anna asked for French nails is because unfortunately in her job, they have a new boss and they do not allow any kind of extensions and French tale nails is the only thing that allowed because it looks like natural nails because she really enjoys different kinds of designs, but she cannot do them now, so we have. Had to adjust I’m building the French without using forms or tips, and it is possible when you’re working with acrylic then I slightly pinch the Neil and I’m using cover pink, this is a cool pink by entity and I’m going to build the reverse my line right on top of white, this is not the typical service how I would do pink and white on all my clients but since we do not have a free edge here and extensions on Anna work pretty well when I’m not using forms or tips, so I decided that this method should work well we’ll see it in a moment, the goal is to build a crisp and symmetrical smile line to have corners on the same level, another medium size bead near the cuticle when you’re doing the cuticle work make sure that the product is not touching the skin along the side walls and near the cuticle.Anna’s nails are so tiny I think you can see that compared even to my finger when I’m holding her nail or compared to the brush, so I need to use a tiny beads last step will be adding white on the free edge since we build this pink on top of the white now they’re on a different level, so I’m adding some extra white on top this one was definitely a bit wet, it’s so cold now in my office, so acrylic is not hearing as fast as I’m used to, so we had to use an extra heater, so it will somehow polymerize at some point now have a beautiful crisp smile line and we can slightly pinch the nail and proceed to the next one I did the rest of the nails using the same technique and now I’m going to shape and file them I’m using carbide bit with green abrasive Mark, if you did a good job when building this really.A smile, an even if some white color will go on top it will still be all clean after you file it, that’s why I’m starting filing nails from the middle part because I want to clean the smile, an area first and then I’m dealing with the cuticle area and the side walls.Hello, darkness, smile, friends talk with z za, she we are approaching the best part of the service ceiling with a topcoat I shaped and buffed the nails and sealed them with a gel top coat cure it and we’re done I cannot say I’m like super happy with the results, I mean probably this pink and white could be better but considering what we had before this is what we had now we have some white spots in the corners and this is white color that is a little bit see-through it’s not product lifting, but Anna was happy with the result.And it all that matters right because it’s her nails and she’s going to enjoy them for the next two to three weeks, let me guys know what you think and I would also love to read your challenging clients stories in the comments.

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