Is Microblading A Tattoo & Shaping Sharp Square Nails Mini Master Class

How do you map out your brows how long does microblading last, then how do you know where to start and what products would you recommend and until now I haven’t tried a product that I felt strongly enough about that I was able to recommend to you all day by day microblading healing process.That’s gonna change today, so I have come across a product that is going viral on both Youtube and also tick tock, it’s from a company called mad love and it is the mad love borough stamp, so within the pack, you get the brow stamp itself, you can screw that off it has a sponge applicator some of the product is already on the sponge and the rest of the product is within the lid, so if you need any extra product on the sponge as you’re doing your brows, you just have to dip it back into the lid and the product is reapplied on the sponge, you also get a generic spooky there’s nothing sparkling about this spooky at all, but it does the job and you also get a pack of five different stencils there should be a stencil that suits the shape of your face, they are similar, but slightly different so some of them are shorter, if you’ve got a very narrow face.Some of them are longer, if you’ve got a wider face or a wider brough, some of them have more of a softer arch, some of them have more of a pointy arch, some of them are thinner than others, so some of them are slightly thicker, so there will be one that you like I myself like number four it matches my natural brow when I’ve got them all done so it does look a little Fuller, so I’m gonna use the number four today, now this comes in seven different shades word of warning I’ve gone for the wrong shade as per usual as I usually do I should have gone for the shade tope, I’ve seen it used on several other people now since I purchased this and I kick myself every single day because that is the shade that I should have bought in the first place I actually bought soft brown which although is a fantastic shade and its cool toned, um it’s too dark for me so I’m gonna show you what this looks like on my brows but you’re probably gonna think whew.That’s a little deep, so if you go on to the model of website, there is a shade finder on their um, the shade finder pointed me in the direction of tope I completely ignored the shade finder, I’ve no idea why I even bothered filling it out because I knew I was gonna go for soft brown anyway, and it ended up coming and I’m yeah.I can only blame myself, what do you say anyway, let me read you what it says on the website so it says the model of brow stamp is a full pigment water and sweat resistant eyebrow pomade formula that helps fill in brows perfectly every time this blend abul long lasting formula comes in six shades, I’m sure I saw it at seven but anyway it says its six obviously can’t count and goes on smoothly to skin and hair leaving a matte finish the brow stamp comes with five stencil shapes to ensure you can have the perfect brow, our brow stamp helps to create the perfect brow in seconds each kit includes one brow stamp in the color of your choice, five stencil shapes once poorly and one on the go zipper pouch so.Let’s get started, it also has a little tutorial on the website, if you don’t know where to start but it’s pretty self-explanatory, so I’m gonna go for number four which is the one that I’ve been liking to use recently you place it on the brow, let me get a mirror I don’t know why I thought I could do this without a mirror, silly me so you place it on the brow.Really lining it up with the tail of your brow, if you can do if you don’t have any brow heads there to begin with, don’t worry about it just place it where you feel like it should go, and then there we have it, you’ve got a little marker on the left and on the right of where you should be placing your fingers to secure the stamp in place and then undo the stamp so that you’ve got.A little bit of the product, I’m just gonna tap a little bit on the back of my hand there just to get rid of some of the product, just make sure that that is. In the correct position.And then just start very lightly.Tap that, on the brow.Now you can live this as many times as you like.Look at that.How impressive is that, so once you’ve done that you just go through.With spool, ie.And just soften things off a bit so I’ve chosen not to go right to the inner corner of my brow, just because I feel like usually it’s lighter there anyway, I mean you can see, this is too dark for my features.But I mean it’s possible so you can always go back and feel a little bit more if you want a more dramatic look or alternatively you don’t have to apply as much of the products, if you want a slightly softer look.I just think it’s amazing, I’m just gonna fill in that gap there I’ve got a bit of a bold spot.So I’m just gonna place that back on.And just fill that section there. And there we have it, it’s as simple as that, so then you would take a dry tissue clean off the stencil because you’re going to turn it, the other way round.And flip it to do the other brow, but I mean look at that.That’s impressive, it really is, so I let that dry down and then I apply my other products as per usual so any sort of styling gel that I want any sort of fiber gel to thicken the hairs that I’ve got there already, you can apply that this stage I did try it with styling my brows and sculpting my brows with more of a brow glue before I do this stage, you can do it that way, it’s absolutely fine, but because you’re applying more or less a primer the brow powder or pomade does tend to stick to it a little bit more so you get more of a vibrant color payoff, and as this is slightly too deep, a shade for me in the first place, it looks a little ridiculous, but it does work that way, if you get the correct shade which again. I have not so that’s it, both browsers are completed, and I think it took me one minute per brow, and that is when I’m not really used to holding the stencil in place and making sure that everything is aligned before I go in with the brow pomade once I’ve got those things down, I’m thinking maybe ten seconds a brow and a little bit extra time to put on any sort of brow sculpting gel just to style, the brow hairs that I do have in position so that they don’t move all day but I’m thinking once I’ve got everything perfected one minute for both brows and I will be walking out the door, it’s super fast I just think this product is fantastic, the one tip I will give you is do your brows first before you do any sort of concealer or foundation, because you will find that some of your foundation will transfer onto the stencil and yeah.

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