We, Jews and Christians of the Igbo nation… “A call for Israelis To support Biafra”

Biafran Observatory For Human Rights a lancé cette pétition adressée à Open letter to Hananya Naftali, Rudy Rochman and all Israeli friends of Biafra

If we are taking the initiative to turn to you today, it’s because, we know what you have already done for the Igbo nation.
We are aware of your attempts to alert the free world to our plight, and our
gratitude to you will never cease.
We, the Igbo people, have always claimed loud and clear our loyalty to Israel,to its memory, to its history and to its fight for life. We the Jewish and Christian communities of the Igbo nation, see Israel as an essential part of our spiritual roots, and place great hopes in the future of Biafra / Israel relations.

These are the reasons that encourage us today to make this appeal to you:
–at a time when our synagogues and churches are attacked by the Nigerian army;
–at a time when our villages are set on fire, when our intellectuals are
hunted down, detained and deprived of their most basic rights;
–at a time when the Nigerian authorities are blocking information to prevent it from arriving abroad, disseminating false news and masking
the atrocities of the army against our people, It’s towards Israel – towards its people, towards its historical sense of Justice, and also towards its government – that we launch our appeal for help and solidarity.
The indifference of the free world towards the sufferings that our people
endure on a daily basis can no longer last.
The indifference of the United Nations and its dependent organisations can
no longer serve as a pretext for the Nigerian regime to continue its crimes
against our people.

We, Jews and Christians of the Igbo nation, demand freedom for our leaders, and the right to live free in our land of Biafra.
We, Jews and Christians of the Igbo nation, strongly request our Israeli
brothers and sisters to act by all possible means, and to alert the Israeli
Media; Therefore our just demands will be heard and our children will have a future of peace, focused on education, knowledge of our history and our culture.
For an Universal Peace and Equality,


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