Airbrush Paint | How To Use Testors Airbrush Kit?

I’ll be covering my four favorite detailed air brushes which includes two I want a custom microns a gsi cri o sps seven seven one three badger so tars twenty twenties and two harder & steen beck infinity’s the difference between a normal air brushing a detailed air brushes that a detailed air brush has a smaller needle and nozzle combo which allow for a tighter spray pattern when we compared the two spray patterns next to each other airbrush paint, we can see that there’s a difference although it’s very subtle, the awad eclipse which has a point three five millimeter nozzle has a slightly larger spray pattern and the Iowa micron with a point one eight millimeter nozzle has a smaller spray pattern, an angle that’s more acute airbrush paint.Looking at these two angles side-by-side, we can see that the difference is very subtle, any air brush will give you a fine line, if you reduce the pain and hold it close to the subject that you’re painting the difference with the detailed air brushes that you could do this from a little bit farther away and you don’t have to worry about breaking the needle and you just have a little bit more control over the process.The first detail air brush, we’re going to look at is the so tar 2020 made by badger, the soda has a point, two millimeter nozzle and is also the least expensive out of any of these air brushes coming in right around a hundred dollars as I said one of my previous videos, so tar is one of my favorite air brushes for the price you can’t beat it has a great spray pattern and the triggers extremely responsive if any part of an air brush becomes stuck and is difficult to remove by hand I recommend using these soft drop liars which I’ll have a link for down below they do a great job of taking apart in air brush and they don’t scratch the paint or the Chrome since the jaws made of a soft nylon out of any of these air brushes the so tar is my least favorite to take apart and clean the parts are really small, they’re easy to lose and they’re difficult to put back together, especially this trigger assembly, the nozzle itself is made of about three or four parts and it’s difficult to break down and clean and put back together with making sure that there’s no leaks but over time you get used to it and.You know for for the type of air brush, it is it does such a great job, it’s praying that I don’t mind this and I’ve gotten used to it, I’ve had this one for about ten years now, and I love it it’s a great air brush, if you’re looking to pick up your first detail air brush the soto 2020 is my number one recommendation because for the price you can’t beat it and I guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.The next air brush up is the infinity by harder & steen beck in my opinion, this air brushes the highest build quality out of any of these the original one had a nickel coating which tended to wear off where your thumb was so the new one, the seer plus was updated with a Chrome coating, this version is the two in one, so it has a point, fifteen millimeter nozzle and appoint two oh right now I have the point, two millimeter nozzle in and you can see you put this little cap on the front which protects the needle and it’s really nice because you could just pull it off when you want to get closer and clean the needle by hand, the color cups are removable on this air brush, you could replace the smaller one with a larger one, but what I like more is using this small little cap that you could screw in that way, you can only put a few drops of pain in but your finger has much more room to move the rear handle also has a trigger stop, and this one’s kind of unique because you can press it in and pull it out at any depth, unlike the other ones where you have to screw them in and screw them out breaking down this air brush is an absolute breeze.So easy to use this little tool to remove the back spring assembly and it all comes out in one piece and it’s very simple to break down from here the trigger assembly and guide are connected and come out as one piece and just like the other air brushes in this video, this back part on screws to control the tension of the spring and once you remove it, you can pull out the spring and the spring guide, I’m not removing any of the nozzles in these air brushes because in my experience, that’s when they get broken, it’s best to try to keep the air brush as clean as possible, rinse it out after every use and the nozzle should stay fine, the infinity is priced at around 300, dollars give or take the next air brush up is the I wa to custom micron I own two of these air brushes the first one was the custom micron cm b, and this one is E I wa to ku mi the microns are the most expensive air brushes in this video, they come in around 400 to 500 dollars each, but they also offer the most amount of detail and in my opinion are the best air brushes in this video, the rear handle also has a trigger stop which are kind of pointless. My opinion but it’s still cool to have on there and also you can screw on your needle protector on the back here so that you don’t lose it just like the infinity, this brush is very simple to break down and on the side here, there’s a small window and what this does is it allows you to adjust the tension on the needle there’s a little P T F E seal in there and buy either tightening or loosening it, you control the tension on the needle, the purpose of that seal is to prevent paint from leaking back into the body of the air brush every air brush has its seal, but you have to access it through the back of the air brush this way you just have a easy control to adjust when you need to and here are the two side-by-side, you can see that the Qu me, um the trigger is slightly closer to the nozzle, so when you’re working you could really choke up and get nice and close to the work you’re working on.And the last air brushes the gsi cri o ‘s, the model I have is the PS seven seven one I feel like this air brush has a bunch of different names, sometimes it’s labeled as Mr hobby or Mister air brush, but if you just look online for cryoem PS seven seven one you’ll find it it has a valve at the bottom for controlling and limiting air pressure on a wada caesar called Mac valves which stands for micro air control and the handle also has a knob for controlling the distance of the needle I don’t know how it is for anyone else but I’m not a huge fan of the Mac valve, the micro air control valve at the front I just I don’t think it’s needed because I’m sitting right next to my compressor all the time and I can adjust it right next to me I’m so again I think it’s another part that’s not really needed I guess it’s cool to have, but you know it’s another part that could clog or leak, so I’d prefer if it didn’t have it breaking this air brush down is pretty much exactly the same as the micron everything’s easy to remove and put back together.And that build quality, this is excellent, it’s on par with the custom micron and at half the price of around two hundred two hundred twenty dollars this air brush is a great Bargain, so let’s get into painting, now, this part is going to be slightly subjective because I’m gonna be talking about my opinions on the feel of each air brush, I’m starting here with the badger so tar 2020 and I’m using crete X illustration colors thinned down with a few drops of distilled water and strain through a paint filter as soon as I start spraying with this air brush, I’m reminded of why I love the so tar so much the trigger is incredibly responsive you pull back the tiniest bit pain starts to come out the spray pattern of this air brush is definitely the widest of any of these, it doesn’t spray as tight as the micron but it still does such a great job because the control was there my suspicion is that although this air brushes a small needle and nozzle at point two it doesn’t have the thin tapering that the micron gsi cryoem has where it kind of forces, the air.In a very sharp area to spray a thin line, this one sprays a little bit wider and this it seems to use more air than the other ones even at the same PS I but it’s still still spraying a great amount of detail and it’s much tighter than the awad eclipse which has a point three five millimeter nozzle all these small Bob Ross style landscapes are one inch by one inch so they’re very small and difficult to do if you’re not using a detailed air brush, although you still can with something like an Iowa eclipse this next part, I’m writing out the letters of each air brush very slowly, this is difficult to do if you want a thin line with an air brush you really want to move it quickly so I’m going very slow here trying to see how much control I have and the so tar is doing a great job, the spray wasn’t absolutely perfect but I have zero complaints with this did a great job starting and stopping an air brush in small areas is one of the most difficult things to do so if you’re writing small letters, it’s best to either write in script, we’re spraying the whole time or you’re doing it very quickly.I’m just making up these landscapes as I go along, so I’m going to repeat that first one for these other three air brushes, so now we’re switching over to the harder & steen beck infinity C R plus on this model I have the point, two millimeter nozzle installed and right away I can tell that the spray pattern is tighter than the badger, so tar and it feels a lot closer to a micron or gsi cri, o Si now, while this air rush has an amazing spray pattern, which is nice and tight and smooth the problem, I have with it is the trigger control for me the most important part of air brush painting is a responsive trigger I want to make sure that when I pull it back a certain amount that it always sprays the same amount of paint now I have two models of this the original infinity, and this is A C R plus and in both I have point fifteen and point two millimeter nozzle and with both I always find that I’ll pull back to a certain spot and the paint won’t come out and then apply it halfway and I’ll spit.It just it doesn’t seem to have the control every time I pull back, it seems to want to start spraying at a different point, I’ve tried all different types of paint, I’ve tried, um food coloring, which doesn’t have any pigment, it’s just colored water and I get the same thing I’m no designer or engineer, but I feel like there may be something wrong with the way that this pulls paint from the cup, it’s just not as responsive as the other air brushes although it does spray an amazing thin line once his hairbrush starts spraying, it’s just as good as a micron gives you a nice thin line and it sprays very smoothly, the problem like I said is starting and stopping which for me is really everything with an air brush.This next air brushes, the gsi cri o’s and right away I can tell that it’s spring great spring very similar to the infinity, it’s also spray similar to the micron, it does a great job at atom ising, the paint, it’s very smooth and what I like is the trigger control is excellent spraying white paint is usually the most difficult for an air brush because it tends to be a thicker pigment and it’s with the clouds here it’s spraying just fine, it seems to be doing a good job spraying where I want to when I pull the trigger back slightly it gets paint, just like the so tar, um, so I’m very pleased with this, if you want a cheaper version of a micron, this air rush is great, there’s nothing wrong with it, and you won’t be disappointed at all with it, if you compare the nozzles or the head assemblies of the gsi cri o sand, the micron you’ll notice that they’re very similar, they both taper down from the body to a very sharp point at the end where the needle comes out, and like I said I’m not an engineer I have no idea how.These are designed but I feel like that has something to do with how it forces the air out to spray over the nozzle create that venturi effect and release the pain, Adam eyes into the air and it just sprays it so smooth and it’s such a thin line over a distance so you don’t have to be so close to the work to get a sharp line, it’s just very easy to use and to control and if you haven’t used one yet you definitely should you should pick one up, if you don’t want to pay full price for the micron, this gsi crease is a great alternative again for two hundred two hundred twenty dollars great price like I said before writing small letters where you’re starting and stopping is without a doubt the most difficult thing to do with an air brush cause air brushes just kind of floating in midair, but this air brush like the others did a great job I had no problem with the control, it seemed to do just fine.Okay so moving on to our last air brushes the awad a micron like I said I have two of these I have the CMB and right here I’m using the new one which CIA wada micron to Qu me I almost wish this air brush doesn’t spray as well as it does just because of the price, it’s hard to recommend the air brush, that’s about four or five times the price of any other one but this this air brush is incredible in my opinion, it has to be the best hairbrush ever made this or the other one I have the custom micron cm be it just sprays perfect sprays very thin lines, the control is excellent I I couldn’t ask for anything more it’s it’s hard to show in the video, but you have to trust me on this one I pull back the tiniest amount like a millimeter back I start to get paint which is is amazing, I mean it’s just it responds absolutely perfect to any little movement, you get paint.It is, remember to point one eight millimeter nozzle, just like the Creole so they do tend to clog but the solutions that is high-quality paint like I said before on this one I’m using a creative illustration colors which has a very fine grind to the pigments and if you thin it down with a little bit of 4011 or 4012, reduce or um or water, which I like the most it does a great job, unfortunately the biggest con with this air rushes, of course the price I paid 490 dollars for it here in the United States and you know compared to other brushes, that’s that’s quite a premium, but for what it is I think it’s a good price because it really it sprays amazing and another nice thing about it too is anytime, there’s a problem with it like I’ve had with my other ones I could send it over over I believe they’re in Portland and they fix it up for maybe forty or fifty bucks and send it back and it’s working like new. So I like to keep my videos short and this one is definitely running over that time limit, but all these air brushes are amazing I recommend all of them, if I had a rate them the Iowa micron is the number one followed by the gsi cri o’s and thus o tar and the infinity at the bottom, but like I said they’re all excellent, you can’t go wrong with any of them, so I hope this was helpful, I hope you enjoyed it.

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