This is Israël : 71 ans, 20 photos aériennes

The Dead Sea
The Bahai Gardens in Haifa
The Ashdod Beach
The Old City of Jerusalem at night
Tel Aviv at night
Mount Hermon’s snowy peak
The Mar Saba monastery in the Judean Desert
The Bat Yam beach
Sunbathing in Tel Aviv
Storks fly over Agamon Hula in the Galilee
A cabbage field in the Negev Desert
An armored corps base in Israel’s north
Ein Hakore interchange near Tel Aviv
The Saar Falls in the Golan Heights
The building of the Haifa breakwater
The Nimrod Castle in the Golan Heights
The city of Netanya in Israel’s center
Jerusalem’s Old City
The Sammy Ofer Stadium in Haifa
srael Bardugo during the photoshoot

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